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Commercial Building AUA Oranjestad

  • Description

    Exceptional Downtown apartment complex featuring 3 studio apartments, 3 one-bedroom apartments, and large commercial office space. This commercial apartment complex and office are conveniently located right in the center of Oranjestad, making it popular for rent to residents that are employed in the city. 480m2 of built-up space was placed on a 579m2 plot of highly wanted land. An 84m2 office with a private bathroom is located on the ground floor. The size of each flat varies.

    Not only does the sale comes along with a covenant N.V., but a second level can also be built over the entire lower-level units.

    Hence, multiple units (or one huge apartment) can be built facing Oranjestad with a beautiful view of the Renaissance Marina hotel and cruise lines docked by the port.

    The price for this outstanding property is only $1.2 million.

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