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Commercial Units CUR Salinja

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    La Arcada Commercial units are strategically established in Salina on the Schottegatweg, a Popular Living and Commercial Area Asking Price: Ang.5.900.000,= Foreclosure Value: Ang.4.400.000,= Rebuild Value: Ang.7.500.000,= This is a Private Property of 1100m2 3x Double story Units for #RENT: Left is Ang.4470,= per Month The middle one is Ang. 4200,= per Month Right hand: Ang. 4200,= per Month In this Airconditioned Commercial Building are 2 Office units and some Commercial units on the Second floor, Covered with Luxury MARMER Tiles on the inside and also outside of the Building. In the area, there are Businesses, shops, restaurants, Banks, Shopping Center Promenade, Pharmacies, and Close to several Beaches. Within 15 min you will be at Punda City or Jan Thiel beach

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