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Land AUA Bakval

  • Description

    Total price: USD $1,050,000.= / AWG. 1,869,000.=

    This property land of 4600 m2 is located across The Ritz-Carlton. It is within walking distance to the beach where you can relish a breathtaking ocean view and a cool Caribbean breeze.

    Not only is the location spectacular and unique, but an added benefit to this property land is also its written pre-approval issuance of a hotel license for at least 120 rooms including a spa and a restaurant. Aside from these, the Government gives confirmation to construct a boardwalk over the salinja, from the premises to the L.G. Smith Boulevard.

    Cost per m2 is 250$, The lot has 4.200m2 in total and it is all for sale at the right price.

  • Contact

    Aruba Palms Realtors NV     

    Your Relocation Specialists!

    L.G. Smith Boulevard, Aruba
    Office:  +297 586-2514;  Mobile: +(297) 593-8700
    From U.S./Canada: Office:  +1 817-210-4072
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