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Land AUA Santa Cruz

  • Description

    Santa Cruz – 10,000 m2 of Prime Property Land in Pure Nature

    AWG.560,000 .=/USD $314,607.=
    Enjoy the view of the rolling hills on the east side of this beautiful country. The tranquility of the tranquil surroundings makes it the perfect place to build country houses.
    The country has a lot of history, more recently it was a vineyard, and many years ago it was the location of an aloe farm.
    This pristine land is intended to develop homes. A maximum of 6 dwellings can be built, with an average of 1667 m2 per dwelling. With such a large land parcel, the value of the land is even higher than regular parcels.
    In the countryside, yet close to a supermarket and convenience stores, it is located just a 2-minute drive to the heart of Santa Cruz with many services. We see the potential for a wonderful place to create a recreational development with villas for tourists.
    The value of this countryside land opportunity is $ 314,607. =   If it includes access from the rear (South). With the current access from the North, the value rises to $ 466,292. =. For the option of using the Northside access, access will be from the West side.  In addition, 500 m2 will have to be purchased for the access road at the same price per m2.
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    Aruba Palms Realtors NV     

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    L.G. Smith Boulevard, Aruba
    Office:  +297 586-2514;  Mobile: +(297) 593-8700
    From U.S./Canada: Office:  +1 817-210-4072
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